SOS Removed Post

May 6, 2008

I guess Tom realized that SOS should keep their mouths shut on this issue… we’d be so lucky if this would become a growing trend in their organization.

The Mifflin Streak: Reaction on Radio Free Penn State

If you read the Centre Daily Times, you’ll have no doubt seen the story published yesterday on the result of the annual student tradition called the “Mifflin Streak,” wherein dozens of students strip and sprint down Mifflin Road on campus to celebrate the end of the academic year, as a few thousand of their peers stand on the sidelines, cheering.

Police: Seven People To Be Charged in ‘Mifflin Streak’ (CDT) May 5 — Open lewdness charges are pending against seven people following the annual “Mifflin Streak,” in which nude Penn State students run down Mifflin road while trying to dodge waiting police officers.

University police say they plan to file charges of open lewdness and disorderly conduct against six men and one woman who were caught running naked as part of the annual spring tradition held the Sunday evening before finals. One of the men was arrested for allegedly exposing himself from a Mifflin Hall window during the festivities.

No names were released pending filing of charges. One of the men will also be facing a resisting arrest charge for being combative with officers, according to Penn State police.

Students and police are well aware of the tradition and large numbers of students each year turn out to watch the streak, along with police officers watching for streakers.

I spoke at some length about this yesterday on The LION 90.7fm’s public affairs talk program, Radio Free Penn State. A Penn State alum called in to give us her thoughts on this year’s streak and recounted how students celebrated when she was an undergrad in the 1980s.

To hear the entire interview, including my thoughts on the Mifflin Streak, click on the track below. We start discussing the streakers at ______.

Update: Apparently I was wrong – as you can see from Tom’s comments below – they still posted the blog anyway. However, I listened to the audio of the broadcast and shockingly enough, SOS didn’t endorse the event, release a official statement, or call the University Administration bad names for having the streakers arrested.

Could it be that our boys are growing up?